Living in an RV in winter is a STRUGGLE. It’s a freakin battlefield.

For the past 6 days, we’ve had a #poopsicle.

Some RVs are designed for winter – they have better insulation, better ability to deal with moisture, less drafts. Their fresh, grey, and black tanks are inside the chassis, meaning better protection from the winter.

15443138_10103028116357519_1011307969018991461_o 2.jpg
See this one? THIS one could handle the winter like a champ.

The RV we are in is NOT designed that way. It is meant as a summer haven for weekend warriors. We can actually SEE the snow through a gap in one of our slides (behind the couch). Our tanks are exposed to the -5 to -10 temperatures Kelowna has been experiencing. And that has ended up with a #poopsicle.


This one? Not so much.

For RV rookies, (no judgement! – I was the rookiest of rookies until very recently!) there are 3 tanks in an RV – the fresh tank, which is a fresh water reserve that comes out of all faucets and showerheads, the grey tank, which is non-toilet wastewater, and the black tank – the toilet wastewater.

Our RV has the 3 tanks exposed under the belly of the coach – which means, that if we didn’t protect them, they would be frozen solid. Constantly. Instead, we wisely installed skirting around the whole RV, and have 2 small continuously running heaters under the tanks. We also installed a remote thermometer so we can measure the temperature under there without even going outside!

See that? It’s 5.1° C (41.2° F) under the RV. It’s 13.4° (56.1° F) IN the RV. And those other pictures? Just ice on the INSIDE of our windows. No biggie.

Well, unfortunately, while the tanks are nice and toasty (at 5.7° C (42.3° F) right now), the drainage pipe is very near the outside of the coach, and has been frozen.

For the past 6 days.

So basically, we have been rationing what we can put into our wastewater tanks. Thank you, McDonalds, Subway, and the YMCA for having nearby toilet and shower facilities!

This morning, we got the good news that it was going to be 1° C (33.8° F) outside, so Norman moved one of our heaters to be strategically near our dump system, and GUESS WHAT!

Our black tank drained!!!!

I never thought I’d be so happy that I can pee in my own toilet again.

Today, if you’re looking for a small blessing in disguise, be glad that you can freely use your own toilet. I know I am!