A Serious Lack of Privacy and Space

I feel like all those adorable youtube channels of people living in tiny homes and such should be forced to have this saying as their description:

“A Serious Lack of Privacy and Space.”

Do you want to have more than about 35 clothing items, total, in your entire wardrobe?

Do you hate to be intimately aware of someone’s bathroom habits?

Do you enjoy exercising in your home?

Do you enjoy closing a door between you and the rest of your home?

Then tiny living probably isn’t for you.

See, these things are SUUUUPER okay with me – because the trade off is that I CAN GO WHEREVER I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT. The freedom of movement is worth the restriction of personal space and privacy.

But sometimes, something will happen when you realize just how limiting it can be.

When Norman and I first moved to Kelowna, BC, we were living in a 25′ RV. It was all one room – here is the floor plan:


Well, as some of you may know, I’ve struggled with insomnia my entire adult life. I’ve got it mostly under control, but there are some nights when I’m just not going to sleep.

Well, this one night, I realized how limiting the tiny size of an RV really can be.

I spent about 3 hours tossing and turning, only to realize that sleep was not going to visit me that night. Norman and I were sleeping on the bed above the cab – (this unit used to be a rental, so the mattress on the queen bed in the back was a little well-used. The one over the cab was firm and awesome.) Norman is always paranoid that I’m going to roll off, so I was towards the front of the car…. so I had to literally crawl over him, accidentally digging my knee into a few fleshy bits, to get down. He grumbled in his sleep, and I went to sit in the armchair by the front door.

Over the armchair was a light, and I had a book I was super into. When I turned the light on, Norman grumbled again and flipped over. Mark that as twice I’ve annoyed my husband.

After a few hours, I wanted to lay down, and so I moved to the back bed. The back bed had been converted into the area where our dog was sleeping. (I know, she’s a princess.) As soon as I crawled onto the mattress, she grumbled and growled at me. I turned on the light, and she looked at me like this:


She then proceeded to growl each and every time I turned a page, moved, or breathed.

Let’s just say that if there was a “roommate of the month” award for our RV, I wouldn’t have won.

Any other tiny spacers that have had this happen? I’d love to hear stories!