This is Norman.



He’s the one on the right.

is is my husband. His name is Norman.

He’s Swiss by birth, was raised in Uganda until he was 18, and at 19, became a scuba diving instructor.

Here’s him doing that:

I was there when this photo was taken. We had been dating for exactly 3 days. And I tricked Norman to take a photo with 4 very scantily clad American girls. He was SUUUUUPER embarassed.

When we met, he told me all of this, matter of factly, like that’s totally normal.

Because all Swiss 19 year olds grow up in Uganda, speak fluent Italian, German, English, and Spanish, and are scuba instructors. Geez, Leah. It’s like, no big deal.

I was 25 when we met; I turned 26 two weeks later.

Once we started dating, things moved pretty quickly. Which is why, when he asked me if I’d like to go back to Canada with him (10 days into the relationship), I said yes.

Since then, we’ve had some pretty epic adventures:

800 Km motorbike trip to an eco-lodge in the mountains above Constanza, Dominican Republic
Snowshoeing in Dakota Ridge, BC, Canada
Biking the fire-ravaged trail down Sycamore Canyon, near Malibu, CA
Skiing Sundance Resort outisde of Provo, Utah
Diving the underwater museum off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Biking the Kettle Valley Trail near Penticton, BC, Canada.

Last April, we made the trip to Yosemite National Park, where he put a ring on it!

* Not a backdrop

Our dog, Jewels barked during the 15 mintue ceremony. Afterwards, as we were driving around the park taking pictures, Norman (who, when we met, declared with the authority of a teenager, that marriage was just a paper and therefore stupid), declared he felt different after getting married. Passing the baton to me, he asked how I felt.

And in a moment of complete non-censure, for which I will be heckled for our entire marriage, I said I felt “old”.

So anyway, this is Norman (and I):

Backpacking in Zermatt, Switzerland

And I just thought you should meet him. And love him. Cause I do. 🙂