My Husband is Trying to Drown us in Sewage


I know how many of my posts are about poop. I KNOW. I’m sorry. But seriously….

Norman is trying to drown us in sewage.

Some RVs come with a feature called a “black tank flush”. It is a water hookup that, when the water is attached to and flowing through it, creates a fresh water spray into your sewage tank to rinse it.

Disclaimer: This is not our actual RV. I’m too lazy and it’s too cold to go outside and take a picture. But you get the point…. not confusing at all, right? (Insert sarcasm here)

Pretty, cool, right?

Well, Norman can get distracted pretty easily.

Last year, in our BRAND NEW RV (not brand new, its a 2004, but like… we had bought it 2 days ago), Norman accidentally started the black tank flush instead of the fresh water tank fill.

After about 25 minutes of the tank filling, he casually mentioned that the fresh water tank amount wasn’t rising. Confused, I checked. And then my heart dropped out of my butt as I realized….

There are only 2 water connections.

One for fresh water

One for the black tank flush.

I sprinted into the bathroom, opened the toilet flap, and WATER STARTED GUSHING OUT.

I screamed like a banshee, and Norman, understanding my tone if not the words (were there words? I don’t even know. I think I just screamed like a train whistle), ran to the hose and turned it off.

It was CHRISTMAS EVE. So we spent Christmas Eve driving around looking for a place to dump our overflowing sewage. (And being Christmas Eve, everything was closed. Norman redeemed himself a little bit as he backed our 39 foot RV into a tiny little spot to dump like a BOSS.)

Luckily, the water level equaled out as the toilet bowl was 2/3 full. But OH MY GOSH IT WAS CLOSE.

This is our RV. I mean…. why would you want to flood this with sewage? WHY, NORMAN???

Anyway, last Friday? He did it again.

He attached the hose, like we’ve both done a million times, and started to fill. And after 15 minutes, he again casually mentioned that the fresh water tank level wasn’t rising.

After some choice words (which I will not document here), I ran into the bathroom.


So again…. banshee, screaming, tone… now, if any of you have met Norman, he is one of those people to whom hurrying does not come naturally. I use a hashtag for him: #myhusbandisaturtle. It’s a real thing.

Actual photo of me waiting for Norman.

So in my mind, we’re about to overflow with our own feces, and he’s just casually putting on his boots. I think I actually ended up shoving him out the door.

So I guess the good news is…. our black tank is super clean! The bad news? Things usually come in threes. So I guess the only solution is…