It’s Okay if Your Dreams Aren’t Big Today

Yesterday, I dreamed big. I dreamed of lifelong travel, and passive income, and looking glamorous and wind swept while lounging my thin, perfectly tanned body in a lounge chair. (In case you’re wondering, my body is neither thin nor perfectly tanned. It’s pasty and size 12.)



See? Pasty. And this was after 2 weeks in Mexico.


I just want the dogs to be quiet and my feet to be warm and to read pseudo-romantic historical fiction with some racy bits. (Outlander, anyone?) (On a side note, I think the closest I will ever come to voyeurism is reading the racy bits of Outlander in a McDonald’s. I felt very daring. #scandalous)

Sometimes I feel bombarded by big dreams. Images of toned bodies, sun kissed hair, and perfect makeup assault me every day – Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram make it seem like everyone is having a better life than you. And some days, I can totally dig it. I can try to negotiate partnerships for which I am probably wildly unqualified, wear cute outfits, register a small business and make a picture perfect dinner.

Does anyone in the whole world actually dress like this? And if they do… HOW?

But not today.

Today, I’m rocking only stretchy clothes. I have yet to accomplish anything except cut my bangs, and I’m currently sitting in my car reading a book.

And you know what?

That’s totally ok.


Stretchy pants, dirty hair, crappy fiction, and dog snuggles. THIS is what I’m talking about.

Not every day will be life-changing, or super memorable, or exciting. But looking back? The stretches of calm will be just as gratifying as the big days.


So here’s your permission: take an off day. Don’t wash your hair. Rock yoga pants. Spend an entire afternoon not being productive. Eat ice cream with a giant spoon straight from the carton. I won’t tell.

Let me know how it goes, y’all.