So, in going over my recent posts, I’ve realized:

I trash the RV lifestyle a lot.

And I thought I’d just share with all y’all how much I actually love this life.

I love that for $700 a month, I have my own house and yard. My own 4 walls that I don’t share with anyone else. (In Kelowna, that would get you a room. With a shared bathroom.) I love that, if I didn’t want to pay rent, I could park on public land and literally have NO BILLS.

I mean look. Isn’t it the best??

I love that I have to prioritize my belongings and downsize constantly. I sometimes literally CAN’T get something because I have no space. And sometimes, if I REALLY REALLY want something, I have to get rid of something else. (It makes you think twice before buying tons of things!)

I love that I am aware of how much I consume. We have to fill our fresh water tank in order to have running water, so I am always, always aware of how much I am using. If we use too much electricity (AKA the kettle and the microwave at the same time), the breaker trips. We are constantly aware of our consumption, and that makes us consume less.

I love that Norman and I are always close. There is literally NO PRIVACY (except in the bathroom). For casual acquaintances and new couples, that could be a challenge. But we’ve been together over 5 years, and the forced proximity is actually nice.


I love that I have only what I need. Nothing more. I have 1 frying pan. 1 sauce pan. 2 mugs. I own like 5 pairs of shoes total. (For all seasons.) I love that there is no pressure to have tons of beautiful things – everything we have works, and has a function, and that is what matters.

I love that, when my house gets messy, it takes literally 5 minutes to put everything away.

I love that, in a pinch, my whole house with all of my belongings is mobile. I can go anywhere I want, pretty much anytime.

Do I sometimes wish I had unlimited hot water, or more counter space, or maybe another couch (because the dogs commandeer ours ALL THE TIME)? OF COURSE.

I mean seriously. Could you ask her to move? I can’t do it.

But overall, I love this lifestyle.