This is Jewels: Life as a Dog Mom

This is Jewels.


She is a Canadian mutt of questionable ancestry, although, if I were at gunpoint, I’d guess she’s mostly Rottweiler and German Shepherd.

She’s a pretty chill girl.

This is her default state of being while at home.

In 2014, Norman started University. Being 7 years older than him, I had already finished university. And I didn’t feel like hanging around while he got his degree. (Especially because my opinion of university is this: Unless you’re going into academia, don’t go. It’s an expensive waste of time.) I told him I’d move somewhere warm and awesome, and when he finished his degree, he could come join me.

But Norman wanted me to stay. After some soul searching, I told him I’d stay, on 3 conditions:

  1. We needed an income.
  2. We needed our own house.
  3. I need a dog.

Well, within 2 months, we had all 3.

We saw LOTS of dogs before we adopted Jewels. We were waiting for the right one. And when we finally met her, we knew immediately that she was the one.

Jewels is low-maintenance. She is low energy, can eat anything (and I mean ANYTHING) without trouble, and never barks. She doesn’t destroy anything, has never had an accident in the house, and she is gentle with children and other animals (except squirrels).

Seriously. Look at that peaceful face.

She is our adventure buddy, and our best friend. And she comes pretty much everywhere with us.

Which is why I thought you should know her.

So here she is! The majestic, the fluffy, the puppy-cakes: Jewels.