Pulling the Plug: Accepting that Quitting Sometimes is the Best Option

So, life is rough.

Like… wake up and my house is in the 35°F (1-2°C) range.

There’s ice on my walls and windows.

This is a proper layer of ice. Not just “scrape it off with your fingernail” ice. THICK. FREAKING. ICE.

I can see my breath in my kitchen.

I consider myself a pretty tough cookie, but when it’s 3°F (-16°C) outside, and it hurts to breathe, and then you come home, and it’s cold…. it gets old. My body was starting to feel sore from being tense all the time.

On Monday, I functioned. I took the dog on a walk. Then, I gave up. I went to the mall, because at least it’s warm there.

It’s hard not to take this princess out every day.

On Tuesday, I cried while making the bed. And then promptly went to the mall again.

On Wednesday, I cried in McDonalds. Because I had gone from freezing cold to hot, and now was smelly and sweaty, but couldn’t imagine taking a shower because THERE IS ICE ON THE WALLS OF MY BATHROOM.

Finally, Norman and I realized, just like Diane Keaton, that “Something’s Gotta Give”.

So, we closed off the back bedroom of the motorhome, and we are now sleeping above the cab. (Heat rises, and this makes our RV about 25 sq. ft. smaller – less space to heat!)

We’ve stop expecting ourselves to be super productive. Our goal is no longer to thrive, but to get through it.

And for me? That’s when I pull the rip cord. Life is about thriving.

So, we’re leaving early. Norman has officially learned everything the course planned on teaching him (the last 5 weeks of the course are basically review and fixing RVs in the shop…. we can do without that). And we’re ready for the next phase.

So, in 48 hours, we’ll be back on The Sunshine Coast. Which, although currently buried in snow, is at least warm(ish).

IMG_1218 2.jpg
This is an actual photo of Norman’s parents’ house. Yay. 

My first plan? To take a 5 hour bath. (You may think I’m kidding. I’m not. I plan to get a bath bomb, keep draining it and adding hot water, and read my book.)