Hair Tutorial for Long, Thick, Fine Hair

IMG_1332 2

Have you ever noticed that, when purchasing hair products, they have products/recomendations for “Thick, Coarse Hair” or “Fine, Thin Hair”? I always assumed I was part of the “Fine, Thin” category. Well, guess what? THERE ARE WAY MORE CATEGORIES. There are like, 1 million types of hair.

I learned I was “Fine and thick” when I went to have extensions put in. I’m no hair care professional, but I was told that, for extensions, you usually need 4-7 bags of hair to make it look natural.

They used 7 1/2 bags of hair on me. In fact, halfway through the session, they had to go get MORE HAIR. (Also, I got the extensions removed after 1 month because the hair was SO HEAVY that I couldn’t stand it.)

And guess what? There’s no online hub for our hair type. No professional recommendations on haircuts and styles that work best. So, while I can find recomendations for styles for fine, thin hair, or how to thin out your thick, coarse hair, NO ONE EVER HELPS US, FINE, THICK LADIES. I could never find advice for long hair, lots of strands, that is super soft and shiny, and that tangles if someone sneezes within a hundred miles.

Well, after a lifetime of trying things, I have finally (FINALLY) figured out how to style this type of hair. And keep in mind- this is just me. You may be going for a totally different look. But for voluminous, thick-looking, long hair with movement, do the following:

  1. Only wash your hair once or twice a week. Day 1 is usually the WORST for me. My hair is so soft, and does nothing, and holds no style. The more gunk, the better (to a point)!
  2. Wash your hair with something that says “thickening”. There are lots of products out there, and in every budget range. I buy mine from the drugstore. Keep trying them until you find one you like.
  3. Wash, condition, then wash your hair. I usually do one basic wash, to get major gunk and product out, condition from ears down, and then wash again. Also – GET DISTRIBUTE YOUR CONDITIONER WELL. When you’ve got a LOT of fine hair, the conditioner can get concentrated in one part of your hair. Comb it through with your fingers and massage it in gently.
  4. Let it air dry-mostly. There are two ways to do this – if your hair is naturally a bit wavy, blow dry halfway, and then let it air dry. If your hair is stick straight, like mine, let it air dry mostly, and then blow dry.
  5. Salt/texturizing Spray!!! There are a TON of these on the market, and you can also just make your own. Spray this on, and then rough dry upside down (after drying your hair). This will give your super soft, fine hair a bit of grip so it will actually DO something instead of just SIT THERE.

    Like this. See this? Just sitting there. This is after letting my hair air dry and doing nothing to it.
  6. Dry shampoo. I make little mini-parts all over the crown of my head, spray this in, and then rub it in. Some people wait until their hair is oily, but I find this adds TONS of volume when my hair is clean. Don’t get me wrong, I use it when my hair is dirty, too…. I may have an addiction…
  7. Style. If you’re keeping your hair as – is (whether that be wavy, straight, whatever), then just tousle and back comb a wee bit where you need extra volume. (This can be at the top, halfway down, behind your ears, or even at the ends. You can tease your hair ANYWHERE. You can tease with a comb, or with your fingers. Teasing is my number 1 styling trick.) Otherwise, grab a curling iron, or straightener, and go to town.

I do this process about once a week, and while it is time consuming on that one day, the prep I do on day one can give me a style for about 7 days. Since my hair is naturally straight and fine and thick, I also find that, if I have lots of volume in my hair, I can go longer between washes (because it’s not plastered against my head and soaking up the oils from my scalp).

ALSO – figure out your hair’s style cycle – for me, day 1 is THE WORST, day 2 is awesome, day three is AMAZING, and days 4-7 are all great for updos/braids because my slippery hair will finally stay in a braid!