Introducing IT Freely: Our Zygote of a Brainchild

Hello, world!

Today is a day to announce something I’ve been working on for MONTHS. I’m very, very excited about it, and I think you should be too!

Norman and I recently opened our own company in Canada, called IT Freely. We do a number of things; social media, networking solutions, and now, photography and videography. Anything having to do with digital media – we either do it now, or will probably take it up in the future!

Isn’t our business card adorable??

Our first contract is with Happy Holidays Motorhomes, in Gibsons, BC. We will be traveling around in one of their RVs all summer, running a social media campaign and producing original content (aka blogs, videos, photos). Our goal is two fold: One, to show the world that Western Canada has more to offer than just Jasper and Banff, and Two, to create some kick-ass original content for Happy Holidays.

The official campaign is called Happy Holidays Hits the Road, and starts in April, but since this has been in the works since December, we wanted to make the official announcement so that you can follow our crazy journey around BC!

We are intimidated, excited, overwhelmed, and daunted by this project, but we are STOKED to get started, and excited to take you along with us!

So…. stay tuned for more!