Hating (and Loving) Life on the Road

Yesterday, I hated my life choices.

We started the day in a casino parking lot in Oregon…. which, actually was quite fantastic. Beautiful skies, privacy, homemade food…. all was well with the world. Plus, we woke up next to our twin RV!

Well, the day went slowly downhill from there. We drove to Eugene, and thought to stay the night. However, the rv lot we are used to parking in was closed, and although the area was willing to let us stay, it really was just sleeping in a parking lot. Unlike our setup in Napa, which was SWEET:

After a hot meal at Denny’s, we decided to hit the road again. After hours of driving, we got off the highway to our intended overnight location…. it was under construction. So, we got back on the road and headed north, driving through the rain-slicked roads of Seattle surrounded by people who seemed offended that we DARE drive in their city.

Finally, we arrived at our third proposed overnight location…. at 10pm. We were exhausted, starving, cold, and ready for a hot meal and sleep.

We were promptly informed that we had to actually get a casino card to stay the night, AND that Dominoes doesn’t deliver to our location.

So, while Norman headed into the casino to deal with the card, I set to getting dinner. I decided that, no matter what the internet said, I wanted to try for pizza. (For any of you that know Norman, pizza is his elixir of life. I figured one of us could end the day on a high note.)

The man on the phone agreed that it was odd that they weren’t supposed to deliver to the casino, so he decided to do it anyway.

(Needless to say he got a very substantial tip, for bringing us hot food in the pouring rain!)

We tumbled into bed, wondering if we’ve royally screwed up our lives, in choosing life on the road. Tired, feeling unwelcome, sick of the freeway and hearing the damn TV squeak in it’s godforsaken spot in the front cabinets.*

Fast forward 12 hours, and we have had a warm meal, a good nights’ sleep, and a slow morning, and we’re realizing this:

Life on the road is not always easy, or predictable. But it is an adventure, and it is OURS.

*The offending tv has since been removed, after much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Here’s what it looks like for now, until we alter the cabinet and build a door. (Norman said he was sad because it looked ugly, so I put jewels’s toys in to cutefy it.)