Life as an Ongoing Honeymoon

Recently, while visiting with friends in San Francisco, we mentioned that we never actually had a honeymoon. Our friends commented that our lives are pretty much an ongoing honeymoon…. and we can’t disagree!

After a year of marriage, spent in 3 countries, and with new adventures under our belts (winter RVing! RV tech course! Opening a company!), we’re ready for the next chapter.

And tomorrow is the day.

The day we set off on this journey.

Our RV is packed, all the necessary repairs made (the last of which was a leaking black tank…. a less than pleasant repair, to say the least), and we have all our gear charged, packed, and ready to go

It feels simultaneously too soon, and also as if we have been waiting a for MONTHS. (Which we have.)

We have a vague plan, but nothing set in stone. Just…. drive, see, document. And as a planner, I find this HIGHLY IRREGULAR. But, if I have learned one thing from all the savage and wonderful experiences of my life thus far, it is this:


I started life with a 25 year plan. When that didn’t work out, I went for 10 years. Then 5.

Want to know how long I plan for now?

3 months.

So. I have a vague idea of what I will be doing until July. After that? Who knows.

So here I am, raising my glass to this next adventure: to exploring, and campfires, and road trips. To hammocks, and solar showers, and cooking over an open fire! And to spending all my time doing what I love, with the people I love.