We’ve Gotten Gross. And it’s AWESOME.

We’re about 12 days into our trip…. and so far, so good! It took a few days, but Norm and I have adjusted from “normal life” to “rv life”. You know what I mean – when, rather than wash your clothes every time you wear them, you sniff them and see if they’re passable. Where you’re ok with smelling – just a little bit – because hey – you’re practically camping! And where dinners go from 3 or 4 different dishes to just LOTS of one. Because who has the energy to cook multiple dishes in one meal???


One of the first things to happen is that we started snipping at each other; when your living space is THIS small, you really can’t have annoying habits. You can’t leave your stuff everywhere, because EVERYWHERE is literally EVERYWHERE, and there’s no place to sit or eat or hang out. You can’t leave anything out, or not clean up after yourself, or take up a lot of space… because there isn’t that much to start with!

Our daily routine (if you can call it that, when literally every day is in a new place) has evolved into a totally sustainable, awesome cycle: wake up, drive to our activity for the day cook breakfast, get ready, go do something awesome! (Hike, off-roading tour, filming, swimming in a lake, etc.) After, we come back to the RV, transfer all the photo and video onto our external hard drive, and start editing/deleting the footage and photos.

Honestly, I could continue this for a LONG time. I have yet to feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or even sketched out or cramped by this lifestyle. But maybe that has more to do with spending hours in the wilderness than the few minutes I spend actually IN my RV….

Anyway, life is good. We are COMPLETELY out of shape, but I can already feel that changing.

Ending note: I have started to tutor Norman on flattering and unflattering angles for videography and photography…. because if I have to see my gut or under chin area highlighted in film ONE MORE TIME, I swear….